Top Five Teas For Fall

Winter time can be challenging in terms of staying healthy and avoiding sickness. However the key is to have your immune system prepared, the top two teas for winter offer healing properties that can assists with keeping you healthy and well.







My Top 5 For Winter

Numi CardamonOh, what a lovely lift this tea provides, it is great to aide in the bodies detoxification, is anti inflammatory and helps with depression and so much more. If you try any of these teas, please come back and add your personal rating and / or comments.Priced for $8.99 for a 16ct box up to 44.99 for a 100 count box.This tea is best paired with a night of meditation.
Numi Emperor's Pu-erh Pu-erh is one of the oldest and most prestigious tea's, the Numi brand holds its own, and delivers on taste and authenticity. Superb as a coffee alternative.Priced for $8.99 for a 16ct box up to 44.99 for a 100 count box.This black tea is bold and explodes with the flavor of earth, it also has a hint of malt.
Tazo PassionWhen you are missing passion in your life, finding something to ill that void can be hard. This is the perfect temporary replacement.Priced around $9 for a 24 ct boxThis is an any time of day tea, absolutely delicious with anything.
Yogi DetoxI have this brand to be an efficient way to clean internally, it is also delightful.Priced around $6 for a 16 ct boxenjoy Yogi tea alone to increase the benefits of this intensely cleansing tea.
Stash Wild Raspberry HibiscusPriced around $4 per 20ct boxThis tea is best enjoyed all by itself or paired with a semi sweet scone or pastry.