cups-star-trivet-125-cast-iron-black-hobnail-tea-pot-kettle-0.6-litre-tetsubin-japanese-style-2457-pTea Time for the Soul

Tea Time Is Now:

Soul soothing could be used to describe tea, I am passionate about tea,

please visit my blog where you will find recipes,

uses for tea throughout your home, fun stories, a list of tea houses,

and much more, you will find refuge in tea.  Where there is tea, there is tranquility, tea time is anytime.

Tea is one of the greatest personal experiences one can have in this world,

it is healing, it creates time for personal peace,

it changes moods, it enhances life. A cup of tea can take you away form all your worries, wouldn’t you like to take some time and get away, secure a moment of peace, regroup, and find solace in a world of chaos.

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