Top 5 for Spring

Spring makes way for the flowers to bloom

the birds to sing, and anew season to begin,

it is the usher for Summer.

I have decided that these five teas will add a spring in your step by assisting in an internal cleanse for the season.

The inside of our vessels should be cleaned out just like anything else, even more so.

What better time than now to take the time and clean your internal self.

I highly recommend these brands for cleaning and for leisure drinking.

Tea is a reward that we can give ourselves with little effort,

Reward your entire body today with a tea that works on all the senses and the body itself.

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Herbal Cleansing Tea
Spring cleaning internally is more important than cleaning out the closets.If you try any of these teas, please come back and add your personal rating and / or comments.  
Tulsi - Tumeric Ginger TeaStress Relieving, Gluten Free,
Soothing & Relaxing,
Abundant in Antioxidants,
Powerful Adaptogen,
Uplifts Mood.
Original Tulsi TeaPrice is 5.99 for a box with 18 tea bags, more than worth it. Best enjoyed alone, the taste is poignant and clean.
Matcha Green TeaThe most powerful antioxidant tea on the market today.Matcha Source for matcha green tea powderPrices range from 1oz for $48.00 to $205.00 for 2.2 lbs that equals 500 servings.Matcha Tea is also the most versatile tea powder in existence.
Cold Brew Green Mint Tea
Just what a hot spring day ordered. Refreshing and light, almost fluffy, with a hint of mint. Price is 18.75 for a six pack of 20 tea bags if you click the link below...This tea is great for lunch time. Goes great with any type of salad or sandwich.
Green Tea
Very light and fruity tea. This blend of orange peel, peppermint leaf, jasmine flowers, lemon verbena, marigold flowers and pineapple is delicious to say the least. Price ranges form $6.99 for a 16 count box to $14.99 for a 30 count box.What says Spring has Sprung better than a tropical drink? Ok, a tropical vacation, but until you get there enjoy this delightful tea.