Green Tea was said to have come to be known because of the ” Divine Farmer” Shennong.

Shennong was also known as the Emperor of the Five Grains (Wǔgǔ Xiāndì),

It was said that he accidentally drank boiled water that had a dead tea leaf inside , and the rest is tea-history.

Here are a few of the known benefits:

  • Protects against cardiovascular disease – Cardiovascular diseases can be caused or worsened by high levels of free radicals or toxins in the blood vessels, green tea inhibits free radicals from being produced.
  • Protection against cancer – As with free radicals, green tea antioxidants slows the production of cancer cells and the cancer’s development.
  • Increases bone density-Green tea protects cells responsible for creating new bone and serves as a protector for bones.
  • Helps protect against osteoporosis.
  • Promotes fat loss- Green tea has the ability to help its drinkers lose fat by inhibiting the enzyme that turns fatty acids into fat cells.
  • Protection against neuro-degenerative disease-green tea’s  antioxidants’ have the ability to remove iron from the blood, while protecting brain cells that are necessary for memory retention as well as spatial cognition. There are studies that show green tea can decrease its drinkers’ risk for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia.

Today Match tea is consumed daily by those who have discovered all the benefits of this magnificent beverage.

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It can be enjoyed in so many ways, here are just a few other ways to enjoy Eat Green Tea

Genmaicha Matcha Tea (Loose Leaf, 1 lb. Bag) by Golden Moon Tea – $49.99Our version of Genmaicha takes a traditional Japanese Genmaicha and added ceremonial powder to it. This kept the amazing toasty, sweet flavor of Genmaicha and the Matcha added a third element to the taste – creaminess. This creaminess really puts this tea over the top. We feel this tea is so good that it is perfect for the non tea drinker. The amount of flavors that are in our Genmaicha will convert the most anti-tea drinker into a full blown tea junkie. And to add icing on the cake, It’s actually one of the healthiest things you can drink. The the finest Tencha leaves are used to make it (Japanese green tea) and grind them into a fine dust. The result is you actually drink the tea leaves, which make the antioxidant level 10x the normal cup of tea.

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