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Tea Leaf Therapy with Iaso Tea

Posted by on Aug 28, 2016 | 0 comments

Benefits Of Iaso Tea

IasoTea-e1434440654918Click The Pic Above Now!

If you have ever tried to lose weight unsuccessfully, or successfully this is the product for you! Here are a few of the Benefits of consuming Iaso Tea!

  1. Cancer Risk Reduction
  2. Wrinkle Prevention
  3. Bone Strengthening
  4. Strengthening Memory
  5. Combats with Aging
  6. Lowers Cholesterol
  7. Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
  8. Prevents High Blood Pressure
  9. Combats Ear Infections
  10. Immune System Stimulation

Iaso Tea is a carefully measured combination of herbs, myrrh( helps to maintain healthy skin), papaya (reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, aids in digestion, and improving blood glucose control) , chamomile ( antibacterial), ginger ( alleviates symptoms of gastrointestinal distress), marsh mallow ( boost the immune system & more), holy thistle ( fights bacterial infections), persimmon leaves ( contains vitamin C &  promotes a healthy metabolism) , and malva leaves ( expels excess fluid and mucus) , brought to you by TLC. Simply boil a quart of water, add two tea bags, cover and steep for 4-8 hours, combine with 3 quarts of cold water to make a whole gallon. Drink two 8 oz glasses a day with lunch, and dinner as well as  an optional 4oz glass with a snack to see results within 7 days. For More information on this Amazing product and more products, or to join me on my mission to change lives for the better CLICK HERE.


Those are just to name a few of the extra benefits you will get from starting on your life changing journey to day.

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Better Health Is Just Sips Away

Posted by on Jan 12, 2016 | 0 comments

Live Longer – Drink Tea, could actually be a motto for the entire world.


There are lots of immediate reasons to begin drinking tea, and incorporating it into your daily routine and lifestyle. In this article we will explore all of the reasons why……

Let’s start with the health reasons for adding tea to your daily liquid intake.  As I searched the web for all things related to this matter I came across some very informative articles on the subject, the first of which is from the Sciencealert.com

This article is an in depth look at how to improve your health through the consumption of tea, and literally reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.  Cardio vascular disease is one of the number one killers in the world.

The heart is the source of our life, it is with its beat that we remain among the living, in the United States alone heart disease, and failure account for one out of every three deaths, and there are approximately 80 plus million people in the United States that are suffering from some type of a heart/cardio vascular disease. These staggering numbers is what makes up one death every 40 seconds or so, and at least 2,oo0 plus deaths per day according to the health library at Hopkins Medicine.  

If we factor in what this reality costs the country,  we are looking at numbers above 300 billion annually dollars.

Taking the time to examine these statistic,  and searching for a solution in simple things, simple changes to everyday life that could literally save a life, and my personal passion for tea lead to this article. Some thing as profoundly simple as having a cup of tea daily could change these statistics.

Recently there have been studies done on the effectiveness of green teas in particular that are more than worth mentioning here. A study done by Harvard Woman’s Health Watch notes the importance of knowing the benefits of adding green tea to any diet. In the study it talks about catechins,  which have more power to halt oxidative damage to cells than vitamins E & C!

There are also places to discuss the awesomeness of tea like the Steepsters, an online community dedicated to all things tea. More and more people are discovering the wonders of this simple, and plentiful leaf. Although the tea leaf has served humanity for centuries, it has taken that time for studies to be conducted that are accepted as factual conclusions to the truth about tea.

Please let me take this time to name more reasons to consider adding this delightful beverage to your diet:

Tea helps with brain function, lowering you risk of cancer, kills bacteria, and can improve dental health, lowers the risk of diabetes, Parkinson’s and so much more. These facts and more about tea’s that are even more powerful, like matcha tea  are available through many sources like Authority Nutrition, or one of my favorite sites on the subject of Matcha, breakawaymatcha. ( Breakaway Matcha was founded in 2010 by author, and chef Eric Gower, one of the leading experts in artisanal matcha.) Hyperpremium matcha is soon to take it’s place as one of the most sought after teasperiences. If you are ever in the San Francisco Bay area it would enhance your existence to stop by and have a tasting at his  San Anselmo office. ( Visit www.breakawaymatcha.com for more info on the subject of Hyperpremium matcha.)


It is safe to say more, and more Universities are taking notice of this wonder drink, and doing studies to show what they find, the University of Maryland also published an article related to the subject of tea, and its benefits. The study shows more information about the antioxidant called Polyphemus, it is because of these antioxidants that free radicals are neutralized. They also expanded upon the research that suggest drinking tea can aid in a number of other ailments like IBS ( Irritable Bowl Syndrome), Various forms of Cancer ( including lung, skin, and ovarian) , High cholesterol, Liver disease and much more.

Peace of mind, and personal wellness is high on the list of other reasons why tea should be a choice,  In our society where everything is moving fast, and people are looking to find the next best thing, it is more than a necessitea to know how to enhance your individual heath and well being.

If my information was in any way helpful, please consider giving me a like or a share, the more we know,  the stronger we become, and the better decisions we can make for ourselves, and our loved ones.



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A Tea Lover’s Gem

Posted by on Jan 5, 2016 | 0 comments

I came across this pot, that has to be the most innovative pot of this decade in terms of the sleekness and reasons behind the creation. sorapot-1024x675

It is call the “ Sorapot” by Mr. Joey Roth. When I read his article about how this design came to be, I was intrigued, I had to feature it on my website. Here is a link to the original article written by the designer himself.

The design is so simple yet, complete, another way to enjoy the experience that tea is.

Please consider all of the intensity capture in a cup of tea that you literally watch unfold before your eyes. More than a great idea.


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To Tea, or Not to Tea? The Leaf

Posted by on Nov 12, 2015 | 0 comments

To Tea, Or Not To Tea?


Its all in the Leaf.

The question itself is futile, of course to tea would be the correct answer, the benefits alone of tea consumption is reason enough.

The tradition of sharing tea and conversation is ancient,

many disputes have been settled over a cup of tea, many dreams realized, many truths have come to light.

Choosing which tea to consume comes down to simply, needs, taste and in my case mood.

Truly, Its all in the Leaf.

Learning about the history of tea has been a journey of discovery,

it is astounding to know how tea is cared for cherished and dispersed for worldly consumption.

It is  a labor of love and dedication like no other, one leaf at a time.


India-tea-plantation-iStock_000024169324XSmall Kericho-Tea-Tour-7

For centuries it was China alone that supplied the worlds tea’s, and then in the early 1900’s, India got on-board.


Now tea is grown in many parts of the world. when you sit down to a cup of tea, consider this, it traveled many miles, to reach you, it was picked by hand at it’s perfect time, it was carefully wrapped and packaged, and it is all about your enjoyment, relaxation, and quality time. respect the process, lounge in the pleasure, and be grateful for the labor of those who take pride in harvesting.

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