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We owe our introduction to tea to China’s Emperor Shen Nong, his inquisitive nature, hunt for remedies by tasting wild herbs and leaves, and his thirst. He is the renowned Father of Chinese medicine, and agriculture. It is due to his research, and discovery of tea leaves back in the year 2737BC that we are privileged to enjoy tea as we know it today.

Over the centuries, and with the spread of this wondrous beverage through Japan, and the Samurai’s daily ritual of tea consumption as a way of life by having a ceremony created by tea masters, Murata Shuko, Takeno Joo, and Sen no Rikyu called Wabicha, the world can partake of its glory. In the beginning of tea’s journey it was only consumed by the Noble, Wealthy, and Privileged. As a tea lover not of the Royal class, I am grateful for the changes that only time could create. Tea should be enjoyed by anyone who wishes to have the experience.
The history of tea is as rich as the flavor, in China lives the oldest tea tree, it is the Pu’er or Pu-erh, which dates back at least 1800 years, and is still harvested today. The tree stands firmly in the Yunnan province of China. Tea is a delicate plant that is harvested by hand in China, Japan, India, Africa and other countries.


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