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Here are the 5 for fall.

Fall is a time to prepare for winter, a time to look back on the summer months and remember the laughs and special times,

a time to set down ground rules for a new year and see yourself in a new light.

I indulge in the changing seasons with a tea leaf therapy.

I have found these top teas to be extremely pleasing, and even uplifting.

Teas that can be enjoyed as the weather changes form hot to cool, and the leaves on the trees change color,

eventually floating to the ground to reveal the branches, stems, and stalks underneath.

These are the changes of the earth that occur without interference, in there own dance of time,

and with their own agenda.

We are a part of this universal dance,

if we just take time to see our part by being still and simply watching.

They are like aroma tea therapy in a mug.

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Top 5

Copy of My Top 5 Favorite Teas

Michael Samuelson's Ambessa Choco Nut BlendA quite unexpected twist in tea, bursting with flavor that is still subtle and delicious.If you try any of these teas, please come back and add your personal rating and / or comments.Priced at 21.50 for a 50 satchel bag ( It is well worth it!)This tea is best paired with a good book or a night of meditation.
coconut Mango Wuyi Oolong
This is a very impressive Oolong tea that captures the sweetness of a mango and the hint of coconut.Priced for $2.50 a cup - to $34.95 The Oolong is a tea to be taken slow, and aides in deep conversation.
Harvey & Sons Green tea with coconut, ginger, and vanilla.Wow, who would have thought, this combinations spectacular and smooth.Priced around $17.50 (on sale. )Vanilla biscotti is the answer to every sip of this delightful tea.
Honeybush, Mandarin & Orange
Streaming with citrus robustness, pleasure in a cup.Priced around $4.00 per box of 20 Satchels.Pair this tea with a slice of lemon or amaretto pound cake for a taste you wont soon forget.
Organic Super Green Matcha
A combonation of the greenest tea, sweet sencha, and fresh matcha. the intensity is almost silencing.Priced around $9.00 for 15 Satchels.Plain Green tea is best enjoyed all by itself.