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To Tea, Or Not To Tea?


Its all in the Leaf.

The question itself is futile, of course to tea would be the correct answer, the benefits alone of tea consumption is reason enough.

The tradition of sharing tea and conversation is ancient,

many disputes have been settled over a cup of tea, many dreams realized, many truths have come to light.

Choosing which tea to consume comes down to simply, needs, taste and in my case mood.

Truly, Its all in the Leaf.

Learning about the history of tea has been a journey of discovery,

it is astounding to know how tea is cared for cherished and dispersed for worldly consumption.

It isĀ  a labor of love and dedication like no other, one leaf at a time.


India-tea-plantation-iStock_000024169324XSmall Kericho-Tea-Tour-7

For centuries it was China alone that supplied the worlds tea’s, and then in the early 1900’s, India got on-board.


Now tea is grown in many parts of the world. when you sit down to a cup of tea, consider this, it traveled many miles, to reach you, it was picked by hand at it’s perfect time, it was carefully wrapped and packaged, and it is all about your enjoyment, relaxation, and quality time. respect the process, lounge in the pleasure, and be grateful for the labor of those who take pride in harvesting.